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Here at Witchfyre & Witchstorm, we try to produce healthy, well socailised and thoroughly cuddle tested kittens! But don't just take our word for it, check out the testimonials on this page from Witchfyre & Witchstorm cat & kitten owners over the last few years...

Witchfyre Rafael Valentino

From Stef and family who took Rafael from our Valentine litter... "Just a quick email to let you know Rafael is settling in well. He's still called Rafael for the moment, the children can't agree on a name so he might stay as Rafael. He's had his vet check and everything is fine. He's such a lovely natured cat, a real cuddly boy and very playful. We couldn't have asked for better. Him and Jude spent most of this morning playing ball, then having a cuddle on the settee watching cbeebies. I've included a pic of him having a well earned rest!"

Witchfyre Sunny & Olivia

From Lynn and family who recently took Olivia and Sunny...."both are doing well, and we love having them. In the evenings they have a mad dash around the house, we hear them skidding on the hard floor downstairs, and then they chase each other back upstairs and into every room. Eventually after dashing about for about five minutes they come to our room and settle for the night. Both sleep on our bed, Olivia for the whole night, Sunny for most of the night. Olivia also comes and 'grooms' me during the night if she wants to play..... I usually just move her down to the bottom of the bed and then she goes to sleep. But I love the 'grooming'..I just feel the bed moving behind me, and then feel this little sandpaper tongue licking my hair and scalp. So sweet. She also tends to follow me around". So at night she waits until I go upstairs then she follows me. They have truly completed our family. I can't imagine life without them now.'
Two of Lynns family have cat allergies and have had no reaction to these Siberian stunners!

Witchfyre Romeo Valentino

A lovely email from Romeo's new family... "Romeo (now called 'feather' by the children!) has settled VERY nicely. He sleeps with my daughter who also carries him around non stop during the day. They love him as do we all! He's been to the vet and he goes in this week for neutering and micro chipping. He's very happy and very comfortable around everyone including our daily hoovering :) I hope all is well with you? Thank you!"

Witchfyre Milano & Firenze

"Just to let you know that the 'babies' are coming along and getting up to mischief. Firenze, (tigger tabby) is the bolder of the two, he is always the first to jump in at playtime and the most inquisitive . Milan (boo) is still rather unsure,but he is progressing each day....thanks again for our bundles, WE LOVE THEM." Paul

Witchfyre Napoli & Venezia

"I thought I would just drop you an note to let you know that Napoli and Venezia are settling in well. They are eating well and have slowly started to explore their new surroundings. Their favourite past time at the moment seem to be chasing each other down the corridor or trying to climb any obstacle they can find. The girls are very sociable as they always try to play or just relax in the same room as us when we're upstairs (we haven't let them explore downstairs yet). They seem to know when we're about to leave the house for work as this is normally the time when Napoli wants a tummy rub or Venezia wants to play. They are really lovely kittens and we're so lucky to have them." Jenny

Witchfyre Verona

"Verona has settled in brilliantly and we are really pleased to have her. She was quite shy to begin with but is now lording it over the whole house and causing carnage. I can't believe how far she can jump when she is so small. All the best, Gavin"

Oscar & Arthur

Louise said 'Oscar and Arthur make coming home every day something that we look forward to. We have been looking after them very well and they have the best of everything. Oscar is a big boy and looks like a lion. He is extremely cuddly and takes any chance he can get to snuggle up to us. He is a highly intelligent cat and has figured out how to open doors using the door handle and he still plays fetch! Arthur is tiny and very cute! He spends most of his time either eating or sitting on our laps. He is a real baby and requires non-stop cuddling for some reassurance. He absolutely loves sitting on the scratching post by the window, watching the world go by. Oscar and Arthur love each other very much. They clean and cuddle each other all the time and if we separate them they get very distressed. We are so glad we got Arthur as well; it really completed our little family. '

Witchfyre Roma

Roma aka Cosmo went to live with Marc and family who are allergy sufferers. They called to say that he had settled in and had caused quite a stir at the vets, he went out of the consultation room with the vet to be weighed and returned with three vet nurses cooing over him! Marc says the whole family love him to bits....

Witchfyre Bella

A lovely message from Chrissy who adopted one of Aria/Phoenix's babies this year 'Bella is so great! She's really cheeky but really affectionate too! She loves sitting on the window ledge and teasing the big cats outside! She's started chattering too when she sees the birds! And really randomly she loves water! She likes playing with the running tap and dips her paws and nose in to it! Here's the first of a few pics, she's a sweety! X Thanks for everything! We love her! '

Witchfyre Neo & Morpheus

An update from Chris and family for Nem and Belphie's (2008)boys Neo and Morpheus...their sister Trinity went to Sapphinesteel. "Thought you might like an update. They are both fantastic cats with very different personalities. Morphy is so sweet and reminds me of a naughty schoolboy, always got his hair messed up and a look of trouble. Neo is still quite timid but always curls up on our knees and makes very strange squeeking noises when he is sleeping! Both seem to prefer sleeping upside down and don’t seem to like the snow, strange considering their ancestors! Once again thank-you for such wonderful animals."


John and Louise wrote.... After spending a couple of days with “Socks” we decided to name him Oscar since we thought this to be quite fitting of his personality. When we all arrived home last Saturday Oscar was a little bit nervous however curiosity prevailed and he came out of his carrier and started to explore. Within a few hours he was laying in my lap purring like crazy and enjoying his new home! He has now settled very well. The first visit to the vet went really well and he is a healthy little kitten of 1.7 kg! Louise stayed at home with him this week, and what’s quite incredible is that Oscar actually plays fetch. If you throw a toy he will run after it, bring it back and drop it. Unusual behaviour for a kitten but he really is a very snuggly and intelligent kitten.

Witchfyre Drusilla

Leanne wrote... Just thought I'd let you know that Drusilla is settling in great. She's got such a cheeky little temperment, its just adorable. She's been very affection and greeting anyone who comes to visit. She is also getting along great with my other girl, Willow. It's a delight to see them being so playful with each other so soon. Thankyou and I'm so glad I found your website when I did!

Witchfyre Dalziel....'Moose'

Vikki wrote..... 'Moose is settling in fantastically - its like he's always lived here! We're both astounded at how well adjusted and fearless he is! He's the most friendly and cuddly cat I've ever come across and loves to go for a trot round the green on his little harness.... he mews for me to put it on and take him out! Pictures will follow! He takes everything in his tiny stride... including my grumpy old moggies :-) He's already friendly with the jack russel and his favourite place to sleep is round the back of my neck. He helps me with the cleaning also... well draped over my forearm front leg and back leg over each side! He's taken to climbing up my leg however.... which I don't think I'll allow for much longer ;-) He's been for his first check at the vets on monday - didn't even need to take him in the carrier.. its only a couple of minutes away so we walked. He didn't much enjoy being chipped however (not surprising really!) and didn't talk to me for a couple of hours. I honestly can't thank you enough - he far surpasses every expectation that we had and he's already trained his new slaves. He is absolutely wonderful!'

Witchfyre Delyth

'She is doing great. She is so confident and rambunctious, it took her about five minutes to feel comfortable in the flat. She and Percy are slowly getting used to each other - they chase each other around and play fight but are definitely improving every day.'

Witchfyre Dylan

'Dylan' (now Mishka) has settled in well to his new pad! His new family wrote... "He is so gorgeous, and has hardly stopped playing since we got him home. Jessica loves him. He is getting lots of attention and just purrs all the time. Thank you so much for producing this gorgeous kitten for us." Kathy, Paul and Jessica.

Witchfyre Titus

aka Alfie who lives with Marcus and his family near Portsmouth...what a handsome chap and a great size for six months! His dad is Phoenix and his mum Lulu. Marcus says he has a lovely laid back purrsonality which shows through in the photo dont you think?...