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12th January 2019 Admin

  • How much are your kittens?

    A pet Siberian kitten can be offered from £500 to £1500 depending on the cattery. Those priced at the lower end of the range will be likely from a cattery who produces kittens for income (kitten farm), may be from cheap imports with questionable history or even a Siberian cross passed off as the real thing. We price our kittens according to the litter quality around the average of these two extremes; this may increase slightly depending on whether or not the parents were imported to reflect the additional costs incurred. Please ask for the current price before you join our wait list.

  • A boy or a girl?

    The only difference when buying a pet kitten that will be neutered or spayed is the size of the cat. Females can be significantly smaller than males, which may be a consideration if you have children in your household. Please note we do not encourage adoptions to household with very young childen;please discuss this with us before you join our list.
    There is no difference between males and females for hypoallergenic reactions.

  • Are Siberians non-allergenic?

    Siberian cats are hypoallergenic; hypo means less. If you have a cat allergy we recommend an older cat if you do not currently have a Siberian. We no longer sell kittens to allergy sufferers unless through recommendation or are previous adopters of adults or cats in the past. Please note, we do not allow adoptions to those with both a cat allergy and have asthma.

  • Can I buy a kitten to free roam?

    We do not allow adoptions of our kittens to a household who allow their cats to free-roam. We prefer that a cat has a safe outdoor space - a catio or cat-proofed garden. Please ask for details.

  • What is the difference between a Traditional Siberian and a Neva Masquerade?

    There is actually no such thing as a tradional Siberian, or indeed a Siberian Forest Cat. The Siberian Cat comes in two varieties, a full colour and the colourpoint sometimes refered to as the Neva Masquerade. The colourpoint or cs gene restricts the colour of the cat to the ears, face, tail and paws. The rest of the coat is white or cream. The uniqueness of the Siberian is that the coat can darken over time as the masking effect is reduced. I have seen Colourpoints start out white and at around 9 years of age you would only know they are a colourpoint by their blue eyes!

We occasionaly have kittens available after we have assessed our litters for staying here at Witchfyre. If you are interested in a kitten from us please tell us a little about yourself, here.
Please note we are a hobby breeder. Check out our plans on the Available page; these are subject to change and depend on the cats!

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